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“Dr. Tuky”





I attended the Velocity University while building, an event organized by Velocity where a collection of

seminars directed to builders is given.  The upholstery seminar was given by the owner of the shop

that at the time used to do the Velocity interiors through the factory.  He discouraged the use of leather

and recommended the use of vinyl for durability.  Personally, I don’t like how leather deteriorates

and looks over time either.  So, I respect those that go for leather but I decided to make mine in vinyl.

The material I bought is on the thick side and will add some weight overall.  However, I was willing

 to sacrifice some weight and get a more durable material, specially for the seats and strake

storage compartments.  On the other hand, I bought the lightest carpet I could find and plan to install it

 in panels so that the areas of high use in front of the seats can be replaced easily, as necessary.  Also,

I have decided not to glue material directly to the surface in large areas and use ABS plastic as a base for

panels so that they are easy to make, install and remove for inspection, as well as easy to repair, should

the need arise.  I will use Velcro or capped screws, depending on the application needs and/or the look I want. 

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